New phase control relay flare CONTROL P3


The product family of phase control relays by Wieland Electronic is extended by the two types flare CONTROL P3-L and flare CONTROL P3-LTN. These devices have a width of only 22.5 mm and are designed for phase and voltage control in industrial application environments.

Remote access to machinery via the internet


With its wienet mobile routers and the Wie-Service24 service portal, Wieland Electric offers a complete web-based solution for remote maintenance.

Switching small loads safely


Two filter modules and a new, safe I/O module have been added to Wieland Electric's modular samos® PRO safety control system.

Wieland SISTEMA library greatly expanded in 2012


Designers use the commonly accepted SISTEMA software tool from the German institute for working safety (IFA) for calculating the performance level according to the machinery directive.

Safety relays for very narrow installation space


The compact safety relays of Wieland Electric's new series S1000 are designed especially for simple and inexpensive safety applications e.g. on small stock machines.

Measuring and monitoring relays for all types of applications


Two new series, flare CONTROL U and flare CONTROL I, have been added to Wieland Electric's measuring and monitoring relays product family.

Convenient timer relay series


Wieland Electric's electronic timer relay product range has been extended with two Multi-Timer series for DIN rails, flare TIME M and flare TIME HM, and the flare TIME FM series for front panel installation.

Analog isolating amplifiers suit every application


The two analog converters series cores C1 and cores C2 from Wieland Electric are for galvanic isolation and measuring signal conversion. As universal modules, they are designed for converting signal forms; six versions cover all types of analog signal processing.

Full safety solutions for mechanical engineers


Using Wieland Electric's modular safety portfolio, safety-related machine concepts can precisely be adapted to customer applications, eliminating the risk of overdimensioning.

Convenient wireless outdoor installations


With its IP 68 degree of protection, the round plug connector system gesis®IP+ by Wieland Electric is particularly suited for tough industry environments and for outdoor use. The 4-port gesis®RC RST-0/4 switch with integrated EnOcean radio technology makes the system even more versatile.