Non-Incendive Barrier for Analog and Discrete Signals


The fuse-protected ASD-NIB Series is rated for Class 1, Division 2 locations, and provides an electrical barrier between control devices and equipment installed in hazardous environments.

Safety Magnetic Interlock Switches Feature LED Indicators


The SMA Series switches' integrated LED indication gives the operator a visual signal that confirms the interlock status of a machine’s safety door to reduce the incidence of unscheduled equipment downtime.

SLD Safety Light Grids


The SLD Series light grids are available in 2-, 3- and 4-beam resolutions, and are capable of ranges spanning 0.5m to 70m. Rated for operating temperatures from -30°C to 55°C, they are suitable for Type 4 safety systems and feature an integrated laser alignment tool.

SNE Series safety contact expansion relays


The SNE1 features two positively-driven changeover contacts (2 x SPDT); while the SNE 4012 features two normally-open enabling current paths (2 x NO); and the SNE 4024 provides two pairs of independently-actuated enabling current paths (2 x 2 NO).




Economical, compact and modular. The new I/O fieldbus system is offering a continuous fieldbus concept for the interchange of data between controller and field periphery.

New Revos POWER Inserts


With new revos POWER contact inserts, Wieland Electric adds further high-performance contact inserts to its range of revos POWER industrial connectors.

BA7 Wiring Duct


Wieland introduces a new line of cost effective wiring duct!

Innovations 2014 / 2015


Unique highlights for your applications by the inventor of safe electrical connections.

Wieland Electric Enhances Screw-Clamp Terminal Block Design with Push-in Jumpers, Flexible Marking System


WT Series DIN rail terminal blocks deliver convenient, reliable connectivity…

Wieland Electric Develops Versatile DIN Rail Standstill Monitor for Machine Safety


Safety device provides sensorless monitoring of single-phase, three-phase or DC motors…